27x11-14 UTV Run Flat Tire
  • 27x11-14 UTV Run Flat Tire
  • 27x11-14 UTV Run Flat Tires

RP 12 Ply 27x11-14 UTV Run Flat Tire



  • RP Military Grade Run Flat Tire
  • Spartan Series 
  • Size 27x11-14
  • Nylon Run Flat Technology 
  • Only US Military Approved Tire
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Of RP Mobile Systems Run Flat Tires!

12 Ply UTV Tire

Zimred is USA owned and operated.

Product Description:

The Spartan UTV Run Flat Tire is a high quality, heavy duty utility tire made, tested and used today by the US Military. Specifically made to support our troops and keep them in a safe environment during combat. The Spartan UTV Tire is bulletproof, not literally, but it's the only UTV tire to pass the US Military test stages, capable of Operating at 0 psi for 50 miles at 40 mph without failure.